"Supporting Touch for Pregnancy and Birth"

– Workshop with Marcello Windolph, a Perceptual Pedagouge and Fasciatheraphist

Spring 2018 in Oslo

The workshop is open for anyone interested (pregnant women, their partners etc), though it is aimed at childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, doctors and body workers (chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapist etc.) that are working with pregnant women and birth.



Marcello Windolph is a Perceptual Pedagogue and Fasciatherapist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In this seminar Marcello will teach some of the essential concepts and techniques which earned the interest of the Spinning Babies method in Minneapolis/USA during the 2016 Spinning Babies Confluence. With these techniques Marcello contributes to blend birthwork and bodywork into a new stream of birth awareness. 

The participants will learn about Fascia, tissue tonicity and the manual and perceptual techniques to be able to apply and develop their hands-on skills. For the techniques offered at the workshop, Marcello has permission from Gail Tully and Spinning Babies to include Spinning Babies in his presentation. Marcello's interest is to help deepen the understanding and pragmatic skills of the birthworker during pregnancy and labor. The participants will get
much hands-on experience through the weekend.

The workshop opens a doorway for the participant to develop a technique that will touch and support the accompanied mother on a physical, emotional and psychological level. The release and harmonisation in the depth of the matter (Fascia) shows directly in the whole being. This can allow mother to create a deep bond to herself and find release and adaptation, which may also have a significant effect on fetal positioning, pain experience and the progress of labor.

The first half of the days will be dedicated to lectures and exercises, while the second half of the days will be more guided practical application.


  • How the given material complements Spinningbabies new premise for labor preparation.

  • The three main principles of Spinning Babies (Balance, Gravity, Movement) from a ‘Fascia Point Of View’. 

  • Lecture: Tissue tonicity, the appearance of the Psychotonus.

  • Lecture:The ‘Supporting Point’ (Point d’appui), core technique of stepping into relationship on the level of Fascia.

  • Techniques of guided Flexion/Extension (Sensorial Biorhythm) for pregnancy comfort, pelvic mobility, soft tissues release and somato-psychic tuning.

  • Lecture: What is Fascia? The role of ‘Soft Tissues’ in pregnancy and especially in fetal position.

  • Introspections to develop perception

  • Hands-on work in couples, sitting and on the treatment table.


Marcello Windolph is a certified Perceptive Psychopedagogue and Fasciatherapist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was a professional musician (MA Double Bass) and has indulged in various forms of bodywork and martial arts for the past 20 years. 
Having trained first in traditional arts of healing and ‘developing perception’ in China, his passion gradually turned into profession. In 2010 he decided to base his approach in a western scientific method in Europe and became a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapy MDB and Perceptive Education) at the University in Paris. 

Marcello spent more than 14 years in the profession related to bodywork and has gained considerable experience with a wide range of clients. He is at home in personal manual therapy sessions and he is teaching and offering seminars in touch and perception for specific fields and professions. He has held seminars for midwifes and doulas, dancers, musicians, physical performers and has collaborated with physiotherapists in accompanying athletes. 
He is currently teaching the 2016-2018 course of Perceptive Psychopedagogy in Paris at the “Centre de Formation Professionnelle en Pedagogie Perceptieve” as the assistant of Dr. Helene Bourhis. 

Marcello has been teaching and treating in Amsterdam/Netherlands in the past years, has collaborated with the pregnancy centre “Moederakademie” in Amsterdam and has held seminars in Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Most recently he has been invited as a speaker to the International Spinning Babies Conference in Minnesota/ USA 2016.



NOK 3500 for the 2 days workshop with lunch, fruits, coffee and tea included. 

Babies in arms welcome. 


E-mail gry.aksnes@gmail.com with your name, postal address and mobile number, and you will receive confirmation and invoice.

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