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Spinning Babies Workshop

19. and 20. September 2020

Approved Spinning Babies Trainer Claire Eccleston will be teaching Spinning Babies-techniques at this workshop. The participants will learn how to identify and help pregnant and birthing women with a new approach to comfort, pain relief, fetal positioning, and labor progress. They will learn to blend birthwork and bodywork into a new stream of birth awareness. 


This workshop is for childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, doctors. Body workers (chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapist etc.) that are working with pregnant women are also welcome. Content is not highly technical, but does require the basic knowledge of stages of labor, fetal positions and having attended a few births. 


Day one will focus on anatomy and working with clients during pregnancy. Day two will focus on understanding labour progress and exploring a new metaphor for birth. The workshop is very hands on, you will be able to integrate the information through practice. 


Workshop Topics

  • A new premise for labor preparation.

  • Practice activities for pregnancy comfort, spontaneous birth as nature intended.

  • Exploration of the role of «Soft Tissues» in pregnancy, labor, and fetal position (muscles, ligaments, connective tissue).

  • Common effects of posterior position on pregnancy and labor

  • Fetal Positioning and labor progress with the 3 Principles of Balance, Gravity and Movement.

  • Resolving the stalled labor through the Three Levels Of The Pelvis; pelvic mobility and soft tissues release.

  • Physiological position changes to open each level of the pelvis

  • Listening to labor– OA & OP labors compared to “Baby really won’t fit”

  • Avoidance of cesarean and other interventions.

  • Identifying a stall in labor via labor pattern and being able to match the technique.


About the instructor

Claire Eccleston is the mother of 3 beautiful children, and began her journey into birth work as a doula in Australia in 2001.


She then moved to New Zealand to study and practice in homebirth midwifery. Claire has worked as a midwife predominately in homebirth and also in the hospital for the last 11 years. She has seen and experienced the effects that gentle hands-on practical skills can have on mother and families experiences of birth and also birth outcomes. 

Claire is an approved Spinning Babies (R) trainer. She loves this work and can see the impact that Spinning Babies (R) has at changing birth on earth.

Claire is also an experienced childbirth educator and pregnancy yoga teacher, and she works for the New Zealand College of Midwives education team. 

She also presents at conferences and will be presenting at the internal Confederation on Midwives conference in 2020. In addition she has been a co-presenter for a doula training in Brazil.

Claire is also a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist specializing in pregnancy, birth and working with doulas and midwives. She will be able to offer individual sessions while she is in Norway. 

More information

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