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"From Womb to World"

– Internationally accredited workshop with Anna Verwaal

October 2019


In this profoundly healing & transformational birth workshop for doulas, midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, birth related bodyworkers, prenatal yoga instructors, therapists, and current/future parents, you will learn how conception of the time in the womb and the birth experience become the blueprint for the rest of our lives, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Guaranteed to give you tremendous insights on a very personal level and teach you how to use this important information in your professional practice

Workshop Topics

  • Epigenetics and cellular memory of the conception, womb & birth experience

  • How prenatal emotional, physical & medical events affect us in life

  • How our earliest imprints shape beliefs and fears, can show up on a daily basis, and affect our relationships (IVF, twins, stress, disease, induction, vacuum, cesarean section, prematurity, NICU, etc)

  • The effects of prenatal and birth experiences on fertility, pregnancy, labor & birth and our work as birth providers/doulas

  • Helping ourselves, our clients and their babies heal from birth related beliefs, fears and trauma

  • How to help prevent birth related complications from happening 

  • How to prepare for a conscious pregnancy & birth experience as a care-provider, doula or future parent

About the instructor

Anna Verwaal is a maternal-child health nurse, conscious conception & birth consultant, primal period educator, midwife & doula instructor, UCLA certified lactation educator and birth photographer from Holland who lives in the USA.

After a long career in various obstetrical and home-health settings she preferred to work with families and babies as a specialized nurse/educator and started her own birth consulting practice in Los Angeles. 

Currently Anna lectures internationally and facilitates workshops about the cellular memory of conception, womb & birth experiences, the hormonal physiology of childbirth, breastfeeding & bonding and the psychological and emotional aspects of giving birth. 

She uses a combination of clinical knowledge, the latest birth related research and findings, her own birth photography and experiences based on working for more than 25 years in various countries attending hospital, birth-center and home-births.  

Workshop fee

NOK 1500 for the workshop with lunch, fruits, coffee and tea included. 

For students at DOULASKOLEN in Oslo, this workshop is part of their training, so they do not pay. 


To register

E-mail with your name, postal address and mobile number, and you will receive confirmation and invoice.


More information 

Contact Gry Aksnes,, (+47) 95870103.

Facebook event (coming soon)

Anna Verwaal's TEDx Talk:

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