doula workshop

Weekend workshop

Weekend workshop in Bergen 9. and 10. October 2021. Weekend workshop in Oslo January 2022.

Workshop fee: kr. 3300, lunch included

Workshop leader: Gry Aksnes

To show your interest, please contact Gry Aksnes at

(+47) 95870103

Do you want to learn great tools for supporting women, their partners and babies during childbirth?


In this weekend workshop, the participants will learn to use methods that can give natural pain relief and better contractions for the woman, and help her stay calm, relaxed, joyful and full of trust, so that the woman and her baby can get an easier and better labour and birth.


The participants also learn how to stay calm, focused and joyful and how to have enough energy while being a birth helper. 


The Doula Workshop is for midwives, childbirth educators, for women and men who are interested in becoming students at DOULASKOLEN and for everybody else who are interested.


The teaching will be in English if one or more of the participants do not understand Norwegian. If so, some of the teaching will be translated into Norwegian if needed.