Sandra Bartfai sin undervisning:

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Doulastudents will learn how homeopathy works and how it can be used to complement regular treatment as well as follow ups.

They will learn how to use some key remedies to alleviate discomforts and complaints so that both mother and baby can enjoy the whole experience more. They will also receive instructions on how to give homeopathic remedies considering administration and dosage.

Sandra teaches how homeopathy can help before, during and after the birth, regarding: emotional states and nervousness, shock and grief, pain, fatigue, morning sickness, digestive complaints, constipation, hemorrhoids and back pain.

During labor and postpartum care, homeopathy can speed up the healing and help both mother and baby recover from the birth by using remedies for surgical wounds, after pains such as bruising and soreness, exhaustion, whether physical and/or emotional, depression, breast feeding problems and care for the newborn.